We are excited to announce SEH is re-launching our educational programming starting spring 2018!  Our school and youth programs are standards-based, multidisciplinary, interactive, and participant-focused. 

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a day in the life

What was life like for young folks in the past? How did they prepare their food and what did they eat? How did they play? Did they do the same kinds of chores or attend the same types of school as youth do today? This suite of activities lets students get ‘hands-on’ as they explore the answers to these (and other) questions while simultaneously gaining a personal perspective on what “a day in the life” of youth their age would be like in the 17th or 18th centuries. 

grades: 1-12

length: 2-4 hours

group size: capacity 30

fees: $10 average per student



Advance Scheduling is required.


Education fees will be on a per-student basis, with a base fee assessed in case of small group.  

Chaperones are encouraged at a rate of one adult per ten (10) children.


Please register online or print PDF

Length: 2-4 hours

Availability: June-October

Maximum Size Group: 30

download materials

SEH Education Program Intro Page

A Day in the Life Program Components

2018 Education Program Fee Structure