The Shirley–Eustis House is a National Historic Landmark
located in Boston, Massachusetts

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Restoration in Progress

Exterior repair and painting is now once again underway! Our beautiful Georgian Mansion is sporting its first coat of new paint, a subtle elegant yellow which matches ancient clapboard. Weather permitting the project will be completed sometime in June.  Thank you again to the many generous members and donors who enabled us to restore and repaint the exterior clapboards and shutters of our 18th century house. 

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Archaeology at SEH!

Dr. John Steinberg (far right) is pictured with (l to r) Steven R. Pendery, William S. Kuttner and City Archaeologist Joseph Bagley.

Dr. John Steinberg (far right) is pictured with (l to r) Steven R. Pendery, William S. Kuttner and City Archaeologist Joseph Bagley.

Archaeologists returned to Shirley Place on March 18th of 2019 to conduct a limited ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey focused on the Mansion’s south terraces. The survey may have revealed earlier (possibly 18th c.) terraces lying under the ones currently visible.

The brief survey was conducted by John Steinberg of the University of Massachusetts Boston. The device he used operates on the radar principal and is entirely non-destructive. It produces images that are not as clear as those of a CT scan and therefor need to be interpreted by a skilled operator. While certain objects can be detected the device is most useful for sensing buried foundations and different soil deposits of varying consistency.

The UMass Boston team hopes to extend its survey work across more of Shirley Place’s historic landscape. Dr. Steinberg was joined for the survey work by SEHA President William S. Kuttner, Board Member Steven R. Pendery, Chair of SEHA’s Archaeology Working Committee and City of Boston Archaeologist Joseph Bagley. 

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We were recently featured in an article in which Suffolk University history professor Robert Allison listed fifteen local historic sites beyond the Freedom Trail "that can also provide visitors a with a good dose of history."


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Cover photography by Ulricke Welsch